Fertilized eggs, how to tell?

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    Oct 18, 2009
    Hi everyone, I am new here, and new to having chickens too!

    My daughters class was hatching some eggs last spring, so we decided to take two chicks home to raise.

    They are now 4 and a half months old, one is a hen and one is a rooster, and the female just started laying eggs, very exciting stuff! I haven't seperated them, they live in their coop that hubby built together.

    How can I tell if they are mating, and how can I tell if I have fertilized eggs or not? Should I seperate them?

    I wouldn't mind having a few more, but mostly I just wanted a few to raise for fun and for eggs to eat. I don't want or have room for lots of chickens.

    Any advise would be appreciated! Thanks!! [​IMG]
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