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    Sep 12, 2013

    I have two dogs and 4 chickens. All of them commingle in the backyard together. I just found out my dogs have a mild case of whip worm. They are being treated for it currently.

    Can my chickens get whip worm?
    How do I know?
    Prevention in the future?
    Can I eat the eggs?

    Thanks in advance!!!!!!!

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    Apr 3, 2011
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    Hi Lori. No, your chickens can't get the whipworms your dog may have. I use Heartgard Plus for my dogs. It also kills whipworms.

    Whips get about 2" full size, but are often not noticed.

    Albendazole is the top wormer for chickens:
    Valbazen suspension is 1/2 cc Standard/ 1/4 cc Bantam orally dosed with a syringe minus the needle. It is done an additional time 10 days after the first dose. Withdrawal time is 2 weeks. Albendazole tablets are also available known as Trifen Avicola.

    Prevention can be simple. Keep shaded areas of moist soil to a minimum. I keep the grass mowed around their yard to put slugs, snails, and other vectors for worm eggs to a minimum. Don't allow your chicken coop to have a compost heap on the floor. Keep it dry. Use supplements like Probios dispersible powder and vitamins-minerals in the water 3 days a week to keep digestive and immune performance on track. Environmental prevention makes a difference, even so, many like myself choose to worm twice a year.

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