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    Oct 20, 2008
    Hi all! Well, I posted this in the wrong place! I am new to this forum and have only had chickens for about 8 months. Last Oct. I got 6 young birds and two turned out to be roosters. They are Brahmas and very beautiful. However, they just started to fight and are beating each other up. Do I need to get rid of one?
    I have 6 hens. One is a bantum, one RI Red, 2 part Dominikers, a Cochin, and a black something... The roosters have two separate quarters and each have their own hens with them at night. During the day they are free range. They were raised together and just started to fight this week. I see roosters running free in other barnyards, so I am wondering how to keep them from fighting. Any suggestions? Thanks, Donna

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    Jan 14, 2008
    Stop seperating them at night. Every day's a new day when you're a chicken [they aren't too bright]. Seperate 2 roosters for a hour & they'll start fighting when you put them back together.
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    Quote:I agree and [​IMG]
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    By the way, you do have to many roosters, watch the backs of the hens , if they start to become feather less, you may need to get rid of one.
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    may I suggest that if you keep one pen in one day and another out the next day
    they all will be out free ranging part of the time
    the roosters will not fight when they are out with their hens alone
    that way you could keep one group in at all times

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