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    Nov 4, 2011
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    My chicks will be 5 weeks on Sunday. I just went outside, my little roo chick, and another chick had each other by the feathers, spinning around, and pecking ther crap out of each other! They tore feathers off the face, and there's a little blood. Is this normal? Do I leave them to hash it out, or remove the trouble maker for a "tude" adjustment for awhile? The coop is large, and there's plenty of food/water, and perches. I did notice him pecking the others too, but the fight between the two chicks was bad. I even got a nasty bite when trying to break it up!

    I let them out to free range, but my older hens aren't friendly to them. I put the chicks back into the coop, and there fine now. But just as their feathers are growing in on the face, the two plucked each others out [​IMG]
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    Sorry to hear that Jewels. Hope someone with some help will chime in. Good luck!
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    There is always some type of drama, right they can work it out but need to be separated for a bit to heal you need to put the hen in [​IMG] for a bit so they do not hurt each other or others getting involved. It is a pecking order thing. The Roo will not put up with a feisty hen trying to dominate him, period. He will fight to the death to keep his dominance over a lowly hen. It is a gene thing. There are at times when a number of hens will kill or kick the crap out of a young roo but this hen doesn't know any better and the roo is only doing what his genes are telling him. If he finds another hen to fight with he needs to go in jail and the hens need the freedom and he is the stinker for causing the issues. Sorry it will work out but it is a time thing.

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