Figuring fertility and hatch rates

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  1. marcym

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    Apr 21, 2009
    How do you figure yours? Here's how I'm doing mine, because I want to know the fertility rate per each roo that I am breeding, along with a hatch rate to adjust my incubating when needed. Am I figuring the second part correctly?

    Set 42 eggs
    -3 not fertile
    39/42 = 92.85% Fertility Rate

    39 fertile eggs
    - 5 quitters (Is this a high number that I should be concerned about?)
    34 eggs go to lockdown

    32/34 eggs hatch = 94.11% Hatch Rate

    Or, should it be 32/42 = 76% Hatch Rate??

    How do you figure yours? Does it even matter which way it's figured if I'm only using the numbers for my own records?

  2. debilorrah

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    You need education about chicken math, especially if you have a significant other that cannot understand.

    42 eggs set
    21 hatch
    11 will be roos anyways so we really only have 10 chickens.

    But can yoy help it if more hatch and less are roos??? Nope. Chicken math is perfect.

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