Filling the incubator 6-3-2011 Join me for my 1st attempt?


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May 23, 2011
My homemade incubator is up and running, staying steady at 100 degrees with 40% humidity. I've ordered my eggs, but due to the holiday weekend they won't ship until Tuesday. I anticipate getting them on Thursday. I'm also getting a few local eggs from my daughter's teacher. I'll have a total of 24 eggs in the incubator. This will be my very first hatch attempt ever. Anyone want to plan on joining me?

Edited 6-9-2011: Eggs came in the mail on Thursday June 2nd, so I set them that morning. Day 1 ended Friday morning at 10a.m.
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I should be putting some in on Tuesday or Wednesday. This will be my 3rd time. My second hatch is in lockdown now.
It is very addicting!!! Good luck.

We will be getting the local eggs on Wednesday, though I'll wait to put them in until the shipped order arrives. Had a question about marking the eggs. Since I will have 4 different breeds in the incubator, I'd like to mark the eggs to know which are which. Is a pencil the best thing to use? I thought about using a different colored sharpie dot on the eggs, but wasn't sure if that would hurt anything or not, with sharpies being so strong smelling... I can't wait for Wednesday/Thursday... the kids and I are so excited. I'm hoping we have a decent hatch. I've left the incubator on for a few days to make sure everything is steady, and thankfully it is.
I have the same problem so we will be hatching the same day. My eggs are at the post office and won't be here until Tuesday then they will have to sit for 24 hours before I put them in. So probably Wednesday they should go in the bator. So far my temp has been 100.3 to 99.9 and my humidity is steady at 42%. So everything is set and ready just need the eggs.
I'm with you Stitch!

I have eggs shipping Tuesday as well. I will have silkies, cochins and wheaten marans coming in. A total of 30 eggs plus whatever extras, if any, they send. I can't wait! I hope somone answers your questions about the Sharpie. I had the same thought. It would show up so much better than pencil.

I have two buff orp pullets that are about 2.5 weeks old. Bought them from a very reputable local feed store (not TSC). They are huge! And I thought buff orps were supposed to be very docile. LOL, these girls are sweet, but VERY stubborn and bossy. They push my polish of the same age around like crazy. The buff orps are so brave and curious. For example, I put some yogurt in the brooder for them today for the first time (the orps and polish are sharing a brooder). The polish were like
-- run, it's an alien organism. The orps were like
and very quickly slinging it all over each other.

Sounds like you're going to have a nice mix of birds.
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yay! hatching buddies! We've been filling our time by working on the coop. We were supposed to get 20+ mph winds yesterday... It was more like 40. But we did get some progress made on the coop. Today I think I will work on demolishing more of the old building, as we need more wood for the coop. It's looking like total cost for this coop will be about $200 and most of that is the hardware cloth. We did end up buying some treated lumber for the parts that would be out in the weather all the time. But most of the coop section is re-used wood from the old shed.

So, for anyone new reading this... What is the best way to mark eggs? I have 4 different kinds going into the incubator. Would different color sharpie dots work? Or are sharpies a no-no?
I have a batch in right now that is due on the 4th so I will be reloading within a day or so of that so I will join you. The ones that I am going to be putting in there are EE's that my friend got this weekend at the auction for like $1.20 which is a lot better than $1.50 a chick. This will be my fourth batch this yr. Will have to stop for the yr after that I think for I am running out of room for them to grow till I really know what they are. I will be selling most all of my roosters.
I had to move my 4 week old out to the coop yesterday for they were making a very big stink in the room that I have the babies in. I then had to go out at 10 last night to put them back in the coop since my roo chases them out of the coop at times.
okay, thanks. oh! colored pencils!... sometimes I am just slow. lol.

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