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    Sep 4, 2007
    I started with 4 dozen guinea eggs, 8 blue orp eggs, 7 mutt eggs, and 2 ducks. And the just finished my hatch!

    I ended up with 26 guineas hatching, but lost 3, 3 blue orps, and 3 mutt eggs!

    First due were my 1st set of guinea eggs, I had 18, 15 developed, 12 hatched, but 3 later died.

    The next group hatched this weekend, 14 guinea eggs hatched, 19 made it to the hatcher, but 5 didn't hatch (one pipped and partially zipped, but then died). 5 blue orp eggs got started (which I was so happy about because some of the air cells were loose, I was afraid none would make it), but 2 stopped somewhere along the way, the others popped out strong and healthy! And 5 of the mutt eggs got started, but two quit on me, 3 fuffy cochin/EE mixes!

    The duck eggs would have been next, but they apparently weren't fertile. I knew this was a possibility, I only put them in because something happened to my female duck and these were her last eggs, she'd been separated from the boys for a while so I knew there was a good chance they wouldn't be fertile, but didn't see what I had to lose.

    So here are a couple pics, this should be everyone, except the 3 mutt chicks that are still in the incubator drying,

    And here are the three blue orps, I got atleast one black, and one blue, and the one on the left, blue? I may have to wait til if feathers some.

    And if that weren't enough, my broody's chicks started hatching yesterday, 7 so far (I saw two more pips!), these are what the mutt chicks look like, not sure where these little blue chicks are coming from!
    I may have to take the babies, the hen seems abit confussed and overwelmed, not sure she's going to make a good mom.
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    Dec 26, 2007
    i wish i was in your shoes right now! [​IMG]

    Congrats! there so cute [​IMG]

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