Finally after six weeks!!!

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  1. wingznut76

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    Finally after a six week hiatus my three barred rock hens have begun laying again. Not sure why they stopped, maybe the heat, new coop, new pullets or all of the above, but they are now back at it. Maybe it was the knife and stew pot with some little words of encouragement like, you know how easily you can be replaced? that got them going again...Now the rest of my 18 girls should be starting anytime from now to three weeks. Back to patiently waiting...[​IMG]
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  2. Ruth Ann

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    Apr 13, 2010
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    Giggles, sounds like you set them straight. Maybe I should have a talk like that with mine.
    I am still waiting for my first egg [​IMG]
  3. wingznut76

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    Another egg today...I guess one is better than none.[​IMG]

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