Finally built my tunnel from coop to tractor!


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Jun 4, 2009
Hudson, FL
Ok, I finally finished my little tunnel from the coop to the tractor. The first night I kinda had to push them up one by one...last night I put them all in there and they slowly walked up to the top and went in the coop. They come out in the morning when I open the door in the morning because I have food waiting for them in the run.

This is a Florida coop and run...


My DW started painting "Chad's Chicks" but then I told her I wanted to build a tunnel and she told me to let her know when I'm finished before she paints anymore.
I have the tunnel connected to the tractor with a vice. I just pull the vice off and move it. I still have the hardware cloth for the opening attached so it just closes right up.

I haven't used the tractor as a tractor though...the DW thought that the chickens would destroy the grass if it was moved anywhere else so she doesn't want me to move it...

The rest of my yard is all open to the hot sun so I didn't want to move it around anyway. I might give it a shot when things cool down.
And last night I came home a bit later than usual after the sun had set and all my girls (and rooster) were sitting up in their perch.

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