Finally got my naked necks! Here's my observations...


8 Years
Jun 6, 2013
I don't know if anyone is interested? But I saw and fell in love with the NN long ago. I finally found a local source for some and raised my first batch of 14. I'd read that they were super friendly, hardy, and fun. Here's what I've seen:

They're exceptionally trusting. Like, walk in front of the lawn mower trusting. They love to be held and interacted with. Due to some life chaos, I actually didn't get to handle my NN as chicks. I had only the time to change food/water and do a visual check. I expected this to affect their bond with me, but I can't imagine what it'd be like now if I HAD spent time with them as chicks! They love to roost on me, fall asleep, snuggle in my arms, and be in my presence.

They're too curious. Think you can keep them contained? Ha! While they rarely leave the ground (unlike my Ameraucanas who relish flying 6 or 7 feet up), they act like mice. If their head fits, they will bodily force themselves through any crack or hole. This meant that for the first 5 months, any gap wider than 2" resulted in escape attempts. Which also resulted in a LOT of ripped skin.

Their necks are vulnerable. At least one of my NN seems to always have a giant rip or scab on its neck. The soft thin skin is terribly exposed. I had to stitch one cockerel up after he tore it on a loose fence wire trying to squeeze through the gate.

They are smart, stubborn and bold. All of my other birds quickly learned that leaving the fenced areas = dog is allowed to chase you back in. They didn't appreciate the dog harassing and chasing them, so they mind the boundaries. But not the turkens. Nope. When I'm not looking (they're watching me!) the turkens congregate around the gates, seeking an opening. All I have to do is call "Don't even try it!" and they quickly back away. But if I'm not around? Party in the yard! Down with the landscaping! TO THE GARDEN! GO! Day in and day out. Discontented with their 1/2 acre freedom, they KNOW I've stashed treats in the yard and garden, and they WILL get in on it!

They are EXCELLENT foragers. Their crops are always far fuller than any of my other breeds, hands down.

They seemed to handle the 100 degree heat this year much better than the other birds. Less panting and complaining.

I have witnessed virtually no aggression between the turkens. Unlike my orpingtons and marans, who are always after one another. The hens accept breeding from the turken cockerels more readily than any other breed.

They are quiet. I haven't noticed much noise from any of them.

They aren't afraid of much, including predators. This is probably a draw back, but luckily I've had no issues so far (knock on wood!). As chicks, they would stack up along my dog's back and ride her around for fun.

They have strange feather growth issues around their neck. Mine seem to have sheaths that started coming in around the edges of the body feathering, but no feathers erupted, and it resulted in strange stumpy dead sheaths. Sometimes I pluck these out, they virtually fall out. It's weird, but doesn't seem to be a problem. And sometimes they get zits. Yeah. Popping chicken zits. Awesome.

As chicks, they struggled with poo build up. They had virtually no feathers on their bellies or bums, and the poo just kind of stuck to the skin. I didn't have any medical issues or scares, but there was a LOT of warm Q-Tip rubbing and poo-picking for the first 3 weeks.

They'll peck anything once. Perhaps many chickens do this, but my turkens are obnoxious about it. They will spend hours and hours trying to rip the buttons off your shirt. And don't smile at them, your teeth look tasty too. One took a chunk of my lip the other day... They peck the dogs, the cats, eachother. Anything's worth a try!

I'm eager to see their disposition through winter! Perhaps these traits are more specific to the lineage of the breeder I purchased from? But they certainly stand out from my other breeds! I love 'em! Aside from my turkeys, they're my favorite feathered posse.
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