Finally I am getting the coop built!! Still in progress.


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Apr 25, 2011
After too much procrastination, I finally have gotten somewhere with the coop build. I spent countless hours planning and searching BYC for ideas (more hours planning than building HAHA). Its a 4x8 floor, Exterior is 6 ft tall in front, 5 ft in back. 18 in underneath. Interior is 4 ft in front, 3 ft in back. It has 6 (external) nesting boxes, 3 windows, 1 pop door, 1 human door, vents, and a clean out for under the roost.

Here is what I have done so far.

Mocking up walls, and building nesting boxes.


Nesting boxes frame work.

Moved into run, and nailed up walls and started sheeting interior.



I got the roof trusses up today but the weather chased me indoors, also cut out the windows and pop door so where it sits now, it looks more like a coop than these pics show.

i'll post up some more tommorrow when I can get the pics. I have also been very busy with these....


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Looks nice and sturdy so far!!

Hey, I see you have a "built in, automatic egg collector!" (The cutie pie in the pink shirt)

Are they friendly Honey Bees? Or the nasty tempered Africanized ones we have here in Tucson?
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They are about as friendly as honey bees get. The only time I get stung is on accident, brushing one too hard and catching the stinger, etc.

The kids are excited to "help" with the build. I cant wait to get them in the run/coop. I think my daughter will be out there every day. She is alsways digging around looking for worms to feed the chicks.
Got the roof up a few days ago. Have the felt paper on ready to shingle it. Finished the interior walls. Need to build the doors, windows, vents, roost. Paint the interior, install vinyl floor, then the girls can move in. After they are in I will finish up the outside, with insulation and maybe run some electrical to it too.





edit 6/11/11 sorry had to fix a problem with photobucket, pics are back up
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Thanks for the compliments. I cant wait to get the girls in there. hopefully by next week.

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