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Oct 1, 2009
hope the pic works, this is my lateset edition..a large cochin...and i think a boy. was in a batch of blues and any ideas on colour? and what i could breed him too to keep it in offspring? i have black cochin too if that helps!

did it work? am i allowed three:Dpleaasseee
yes that is a rooster

don't know what he is though
Yes- that's a boy. You said he's large fowl? Looks like a Mille Fleur project cochin, but I've never seen one that wasn't a bantam. Cool!

ETA: look up the Mille Fleur Cochin thread in the Breeds & Genetics forum- might help you figure out what to do with him breeding-wise
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he does have blue
i have mille pekins too,and reds but i'll have to go do some homework,i'm no good with genetics

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