Fire ants and Army worms


10 Years
Apr 9, 2009
Heart of Dixie
Does anyone know how to get rid of them? The chickens won't touch them. I don't know if the ducks will or not. They're still babies, so I don't let them out of the brooder. Also, I'm a bit scared of poison, because I don't want the ladies to get into it.
I've heard that DE works on ants/bugs/worms. I've never used it, but hopefully somebody else here will chime in and help out
Good luck
I don't have fire ants, just normal ones. I've been using DE to get rid of ants for almost 2 months now, and I've got to say I am not impressed. It doesn't seem to be making much of a dent in the population. I use it everywhere around my property, but I am beginning to doubt its efficacy on ants.
I live in Georgia and I use white distilled vinegar on the mounds. It doesnt get rid of all of them but it helps keep the mounds down. I only purchase heinz because its not made from a petroleum product, its real vinegar. I just pour it on the mound and usually by morning their gone ( I think I really only chase them off to another part of the yard but it keeps them from my coop). The only drawback is everyone will ask why your coop smells like pickles lol. I dont know about Army worms though.
I know that kerosene will work on fire ants. Trouble is, it also poisons the ground the ant bed was on. I'll try the vinegar though. It certainly couldn't hurt. I'd really like to get rid of these army worms though! They are everywhere!
I've also heard to try dry molasses for fire ants. I haven't tried it, but we have tons of them here and a master gardner told me the tip. You should be able to find it at your feed store.
Grits - the ants eat them and then the grits expand. Have to put it out when dry; doesn't work after the dew hits it.

There is a form of DE designed for fire ants. Can't find the link right now and gotta run. Google it.
I've been reading about organic methods to get rid of fire ants.

citrus oil 2 oz, molasses2 tbs, manure tea 1 cup, mix with a gallon of water and pour over the mound. I haven't tried it yet I'm still making my citrus oil (lemon, lime and orange peels soaked in water for week to 10 days, make it even more potent with garlic)
Fire ants are driving me nuts too. We're deep into a drought right now, so they're taking up residence under the waterers and in the garden. The big birds eat as many as they can, but the ants multiply faster than they can get to 'em.

I've been using that stinky white ant powder, Orthene. It kills the mound overnight, and the chickens don't touch it. I buy a generic version at the feed store, comes in a dark green can, for about $14. If you ask for the "stinky powder" they'll know what you want. It biodegrades in about a week.

We had 9 inches of rain in a single day a couple of months ago, and it really drove the ants above ground. I went through at least 6 cans of that stuff in two weeks, and treated hundreds of mounds.

Kathy, Bellville TX

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