First and second eggs


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Aug 1, 2013
Southern California

This was Zeeke's first egg. Then we got several soft shelled/shelless ones.

This is Zeeke's second real egg. Tiny, but perfect.

Zeeke is the barred rock. This is a week or so before her first egg. Zeeke is the only one left from my first chick purchase. The other two I got later.

Zeeke as a chick. Because of the early comb, I thought she would turn out to be a rooster. In the end, out of four chicks, she was the only hen. And the feed store said they were sexed! I got worse odds than a straight run!

Chick Charm

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Good looking hens!

Totally normal with the soft shelled/shell less eggs in a pullet. It will iron itself out. Layer pellets or oyster shell are in order. yada yada yada

Wish ya the best.

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