first batch of silkie eggs.... question?

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by jebar77, Apr 3, 2012.

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    so i started 5 silkie eggs about a month ago now.... 2 of the 5 hatched on day 21 exactly, 1 hatched on day 23 and i have just re candled egg 5 to make sure it was dead or not developed and now there is a moving mass in it developing..... i am perplexed that all these eggs went in the incubator at the same time and the all developed at different rates.... the one that really gets me is the last one.... it is going on day 24 in there. i was going to throw it out so i could start another batch but when candled it is growing and moving.... i checked it multiple times cause the egg was undeveloped until about a week ago.... anyone else have this happen?

    just fyi.... using a still air incubator temp is always right at 99.5 and i keep the water trays full.

    thanks scott
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    never had a Silkie hatch drag out that long but if you're using a still air incubator your temp needs to be 101.5 at the top of your hatch is very late. The lower temps have slowed the development.
    99.5 is the temp for a forced air incubator
    Give that last one a bit longer if you see movement.
    Next hatch set some dummy eggs and place a thermometer atop the dummies and adjust till it reads as close to 101.5 as you can get before setting the real eggs you want to hatch.

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    thanks for the heads up..... i just went a re read the directions that came with the dam thing and it says 99.5 also.... awesome.

    im not sure how many more days i want to give it... it looks mid development.... going on day 25.... i guess well see...

    again thanks for the heads up
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    I made a post in the new introductions area titled " Greetings from Upstate South Carolina " that you may want to read.

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