First Cull :(


10 Years
Jan 4, 2010
Texarkana, TX
I had to cull my first chick last night

I had to do it! I tried everything! He just wouldn't get any better. He had 4 crooked toes at hatch. He was very small compared to the others. His feathers never seemed to dry. He never fluffed up. He wouldn't eat or drink on his own. I had to help him drink and eat. I made him the lil shoes for his toes to straighten and gave him vitamins in water. After 4 days he was just not getting any better. he would Just sit in the same spot and sleep until I came in to feed him. I did not give him a name! I didn't want to get attached. I kinda knew this was gonna happen. I just was hoping he would get better. Can't say I didn't try! It took me a couple minutes to get up the nerve. But I did it quickly and I hope painlessly! I know he won't be the last but I hope theres not too many more. I can handle culling the hens and roos but the lil ones.....
It's just not easy for me! I Guess you could say I'm a tough guy. I grew up hard. I have had a rough life. I take things as they come. I know everything has a purpose and My dad always said " Get tough or die" I'm still here! BUT when it comes to My pets or baby animals..... It's just VERY hard for me! I can put down animals or kill for food but those are usually full grown or atleast grown up. Just looking at those lil faces knowing they deserved a chance to grow. It really bothers me! I know I had to do it he was suffering! It's not right for me to prolong his suffering just to make myself feel better! That is just to selfish! BUT any way I still have all his Brothers and sisters to care for. I just hope I can take good enough care of them to make up for losing him. .......Thanks I just needed to vent.

Thanks and God Bless!!!

I hope ya'll never have to do it!
I feel your pain. I had a very sick frizzle and I had made the decision and was working up the nerve when he passed on his own. Sometimes it is just what needs to be done and is the best thing. I am sorry for your loss and I respect you for doing what you needed to do.

Good job being strong and doing what was best for your little guy.

I know I will have to do this someday, so thanks very much for sharing. It really helps us all out.

Enjoy all his brothers & sisters - they are lucky to have you.
It's hard for us even when they are full grown. We had a hawk get into our chicken run last week and left one of our favorite hens with a ripped out throat. She was still alive, but missing her lower jaw and breathing through a hole in her chest. So I had to have my husband euthanize her, and we both cried over it. We butcher our own meat animals, but having one die for no good reason really hurts. Sorry for your loss.
Thank You all so much for your support. I really appreciate it! I am so glad I found this site! I Love BYC!!!!!!

I wish you all the best with your Fuzzy Butts and Poultrey!

Good Luck and God Bless!

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