First Duck house


Jun 5, 2019
Hello!! My husband built me a house for two little ducks I'm getting ready to rescue. It was made from a large crate. Today I painted it to match my house, we aren't quite finished. I want to add more latches, more wire and traction for the ramp as well as some metal on the roof, but I wanted to share our new duck home!!
Awesome job! - Where are you located? The house has a lot of ventilation openings, which is good, but can also cause rain to make the bedding wet when it is raining sideways and for longer periods of time…
Thank you! We are in Treasure Valley Idaho so we don't have a lot of rain here. I think I wouldn't have made the openings quite so big. My husband made it out of crate he had modified for transporting things when we moved, so he used his imagination from there lol. I can definitely see how rain getting in through there could be an issue. If we have to, we can modify it.
I love it too.

But...not to be a Debbie downer but I'd replace the chicken wire with hardware cloth 1/2". You don't have much so it would not be expensive! Weasels, mink and other varments can easily get into chicken wire, in fact, I bet a raccoon would be able to rip that off and get in too.
What are they feeding the coons out your way?

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