First Egg Countdown!

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    Hi Everyone - thought it'd be fun to do a little thread seeing as how I have 8 girls that have never laid an Egg to date.. and my leghorn layed an Egg today for the first time in almost 3 months so i'm on a bit of an "Egg Kick"!

    So.. I have 8 Pullets.. 4 are point of lay (or over, if you ask me!!) and 4 are younger.

    My 4 who are at Point of Lay are all Orpingtons. One is a Black English Orpington, and the others are Buffies. I also have 1 Black Orpington, 2 EE's and 1 Orpington x Leghorn who are all around 16-20 weeks but are nowhere near ready to lay.

    Of my 4 who are ready I have:

    Tessie - Black English Orpington (coming up on 32 Weeks)


    Fiona - Buff Orpington (middle) - 26 Weeks


    Goldie - Buff Orpington
    - 26 Weeks


    Booger - Buff Orpington - 26 Weeks


    Tessie has been really red in the face for about 3 months, but has not laid to date, nor has she shown any other 'signs'. The breeder/friend I got her from said she is out of a little bit slower maturing lines - even for an Orpington.

    Fiona did a BIG Egg Squat today - first time I've ever seen her do it - and when I checked her for Lice (routine as I just battled a big infestation on Goldie so I check them daily), I noticed her vent was really loose/relaxed and moist.

    Goldie and Booger had Lice the worst and are still getting over it but they're doing wonderfully and are looking better and better each day. I don't know if they'll lay quite yet, but i'm hoping for two eggs tomorrow - one from my leghorn and one from Fiona!
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    Still no Egg from Fiona, but last night I found a couple bugs on her so we deloused the entire flock again (they were due again anyways as it'd been about 14 days since the first dose), so perhaps that's what's holding her off.. maybe tomorrow! :)

    Pepe, my leghorn, has laid every day since she started back up again :)
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