First egg four days ago - nothing since. Odd behavior. Concerned!!


9 Years
May 10, 2010
My 6 month old RIR just laid her first egg four days ago after she dug herself a little nest in the bedding on the coop floor. Since then I've shown her the nest boxes and she has gotten in there numerous times, digging and digging like she's trying to get comfortable and after awhlie she jumps down and goes outside. This has been going on for a couple of days, now. Today she was literally in the next box for an hour digging around. She jumps up in my lap and lays her head down across my leg. Could she be egg bound? What are the symptoms for a chicken being egg bound and what could I potentially do about it? She seems to be eating and drinking normally and isn't acting lethargic in any way. I have noticed today that she seems to be paying a bit more attention to her back side. Of course I'm worried about her. What could be going on?
I would try feeling around her lower abdomen (very gently) and see if you feel anything. You might be able to feel an egg.

Whether you do or don't feel anything, it wouldn't hurt to give her a warm bath and see what comes of it. Just let her soak her tummy and back side in a pan of warm water - you might have to hold her down a little, but she'll probably enjoy it. Sometimes this will help them release whatever might be blocking up the works.
Bumping this up for additional answers. I couldn't palpate any egg. I will keep an eye on her and give her a warm bath tomorrow since it's getting dark and cooling off here.

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