First Egg from My RIR's


May 28, 2019
Fort Worth ,TX
Today we found our first egg from one of our 4 RIR hens. We have two nesting boxes and we have one blocked and the other open. The one that is open has two ceramic eggs in it . Should we now open up the other box and take the ceramic eggs out? Two of the hens have very red crops and other two have smaller light pink crops. I assume the eggs will get bigger as we go along.
Open the other box and keep a ceramic egg in each box. I keep at least one fake egg in every nest box forever. All my fakes are white. No mistaken for a real egg. 20190705_103114_resized.jpg . No white egg layers in my Flocks. You could mark the fakes with a permanent marker so you don't collect them. GC

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