First egg!


6 Years
Mar 7, 2016

Got our first egg!!! It's a little small heehee. Those are my 4year olds hands lol. My chickens are 18 weeks, I have production reds, buff orphingtons and silver laced Wyandottes. No idea who laid it but I'm pretty excited.

Now the question is what do I do with it? It's just sitting on the counter now (I know they're ok at room temp) but do I need to wash it? Warm or cold? Thanks!
Hi! Congratulations!!!! My chickens are 17 weeks and I am waiting for my first egg! IT IS SO HARD!!!

I have been researching, and many people have said that the first egg is edible, but it might be bland or unhealthy. The eggs can be kept on the counter while they are not washed. Once you are ready to cook the egg, wash it right before. Another option is to wash it now and keep it in the fridge!
We have been so impatient we were really excited to finally get one. Two of my friends got chickens at the same time and both had eggs already and we didn't!

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