Jul 2, 2021
United Kingdom
our black and white serama hen just laid her first egg! We are so proud of her! She has laid 4 since. They were hard, with no defects! Her egg song was amazing! We love Seramas!

P.S: if this post gets 15 likes or loves or any reaction, I'll get 5 more serama chicks!
Can i like 15 times 😇 i love the seramas but been told i cant have any by my mum who i live with and look after😒 but as soon as they have hatched ( im going to hide in next incubator batch or under a broody) she will give in lol .


5 Years
May 6, 2016
I’m in Perryville and I also raise Serama I have one larger flock in a walk in coop . I also have a small coop housing two roo brothers that are bonded Inside my large hen walk-in coop and a frizzle roo that is currently living with a small wheaten ameracana until she’s larger and can be with the other hens. They live in an ajoining coop next to the brothers. The little micro pictured is a house chicken that has 2 hens. . I have at least 2 roosters that will fly the coop soon and a broody sitting on a bunch now. I’m looking to get a splash or mottled pullet , mostly white. I would love to trade with you or purchase one of your chicks when they’re ready if any chicks are this pattern. I’m experimenting with a color project !!!! ( I hope I posted to the right thread)
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