First eggs and the Monster


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8 Years
Feb 23, 2011
Me and the wife decided to crack out first three eggs and cook them up to see what we had. To me they looked good and tasted even better.

So this evening i went out the the nest box to see what the hens had left me and found this monster! Granted my wifes hands are small but the egg is huge. It would not even come close to fitting in a jumbo egg carton.
Not sure which hen layed it but it was the only egg i got today. When i walked out to the pen to check on them they all seamed to be happy as usual.
I haven't cracked this one yet but i hope its a double yolker. Gonna cook it up for breakfast in the moring:D
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Dont really know. This is only the 4th egg we have collected. The other three were no were near that big. I would say they were in the medium to large range....not monster range lol

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