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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by WadeMD, Jul 15, 2010.

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    My ducks have finally started to drop eggs (laying would be too considerate a word for them)!

    the ducks just hit the 4 month old mark – and we have started getting well formed, nicely shaped eggs! They are a little smaller than I expected, but that could be due to them either being early eggs, from the smaller runner ducks, or my expectations were just wrong.


    Here is a picture of the first egg in a batch of chicken eggs. Can you tell which one it is? The eggs are a blue-green in color – like those of an ancona chicken. The second egg was found in the middle of the yard and had been sitting in the sun all day, so I opened it up and cooked it for the dogs. It looked good – bright yellow/orange yolk, thick shell, nicely formed. Duck eggs definitely have thicker whites as well.

    This morning (July 15th), I went to let the ducks out and one of the chocolate Indian Runners (see below) was rocking on her feet at the edge of their hut. Plunk! Out dropped the egg and off she went to go bug hunting with the rest of the mob. Not much on ceremony! Thats 1 egg per day so far from my 10 ducks, though its only the dark runners that are laying just yet.


    I have no idea if all of the eggs have come from the same duck (sort of doubt it) or from the two chocolate runners. The fawn and white runner, cayuga, and black Swedish have not laid yet though. By the end of the month, I expect to be seeing 3-5 eggs per day from the 8 ducks.

    Next step: Accrue a few more eggs, then its time to make something tastey from them!
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    Congratulations, WadeMD!

    The egg size matches up with what I got at first - about 45 grams each. After the first few eggs, they have been getting a little bigger, closer to 60 grams.

    This morning we were gifted by one of the black runners with a 90 gram egg!!!!!! Wow!!!!!! One egg was typical pullet egg size, with no yolk. But most have at least been the size of medium chicken eggs. I have three or four chocolates laying, and two or three blacks laying at this point.

    In all, we have also had four eggs laid without shells. Those usually come out late morning or afternoon. I am happy that none that I know of have been laid in the house.

    See, we knew it was almost time!

    Take care of yourself and those birds!

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