First Eggs!! So Excited!


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May 21, 2014
Douglasville, GA
I have been waiting months for these suckers!! So excited to finally have them. They look different when I was them. I'm assuming only 1 of my 3 hens is laying because I've had pretty consistent 1 egg daily. Will this possibly begin my others to start laying? So excited! Love my hens & so does Boomer !!

This is what they look like after I wash them and they're wet.

Now the question is, who is laying them?!

Congratulations on the eggs!

I would suspect that the birds laying them are the ones with the largest, reddest comb and wattles. Which ones of yours have the largest combs and wattles? Another sign is squatting. Birds close to laying will often crouch down when you reach to touch them. If any of your chickens are doing that, it's likely that they are the birds laying.
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Well one of my smaller ones has a larger comb. But the others really don't have pronounced ones. But she's definitely not my largest. I'll have to check out the squatting thing! Thanks!

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