First experience with alien egg!

So let me explain that in the past week or so, Central Florida has had very hot and very humid weather. My hens do not free range. They have been delivering eggs pretty regularly. So this afternoon, I found this in the older (about 11month old, not molting yet) hens' nest area. Thought is was feces, but the color was that of the brown eggs. Now, they have been a little lethargic, but eating the layer crumbles, varied veggies and fruits, and crickets, but not so much as to ignore their main meal of crumbles. In the second pic, I cut it in half. It felt like a hot dog being cut, and there are little formations. No smell. just felt like a gummy blob. So do any of you think it could be too much water in the magnum?; the uterus did not give out shell? all because of weather? No major stressors, my ISA browns do not scare easily. Should I try to ease the temp with a fan? (they live in a 10X10 chain link area fortified with chicken wire and tarps. (ha! finally beat the squirrels)!


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wow, an Oviduct infection. I am so over the backyard chicken thing. I have tried to give them the best based on what I read and researched. I only have 4 hens. two are only egg laying. The husband is saying stick with the grocery store.... why go through this?????? I love my girls, can not have them free range. I clean the 10X10 chain link area for them every week. How the heck does one get an oviduct infection? one and not the other?????? Heck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Not sure how it happens, not related to husbandry(I don't think).
ISA's, and other high production hybrids, are more susceptible to reproductive tract issues.
Keeping chickens can be frustrating for sure.
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