First Hatch from Broody Mama

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    May 19, 2011
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    Was expecting the hatch to start today, but it started on Monday. Broody Mama is an 11 month old BO, Daddy is a GLW, known Bio Mama's are Light Brahma's & EE, unsure of the last one.
    First Chick (Lucy - Feathered Feet) Hatched 4-16-12

    Second Chick 4-17-12 (No Pictures of it yet) (all blonde with dark smudges on back)

    Third Chick 4-18-12 (dark one named Cuckoo) (dark spot on back of head is Lucy) Fourth Chick 4-`8-12 is Tumbles (Feathered Feet)


    My oldest daughter sees another egg, I thought there were only 4 that survived when we moved her, 6 were put on the nest, the next day two eggs were kicked out & cold (both were fertile).[​IMG]

    It is very exciting, this is my first year having chickens (Broody Mama & Daddy are from the 10 chicks I bought last year May 2011 at the local feed store.

    I have another broody Mama, also a BO sitting on 14 eggs, 9 are due to hatch next week. Hope someone else goes broody soon, so I can move the later eggs under them, so they have a chance to hatch. Am now in the process of building the second broody house. I built the one of this Mama, and when I was done, the second BO went Broody, have not had time to build a second Broody House till now. [​IMG]

    Time to go out & build!
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    Feb 12, 2009
    Broody's are so sweet

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