First hatch help


9 Years
Oct 11, 2010
Today is day 21 and I have two babies
They look healthy and are wobbling all over.This is my first time ever using an incubator and I'm a little stressed about the chicks knocking the other eggs around. Will the unhatched chicks be able to hatch alright if they keep being rolled over? I have several other eggs with pips in them. Am I just be overly concerned since this is my first hatch? Or is there anything I should do?
I wasn't sure if I should open it? One chick is completely dry but the other one is still a little wet.
Its my first time too, and I had the same question. The recommendation I found in my resource book was to leave them in until dry and not open the incubator often. They suggested every 8 to 10 hours to quickly empty the dry chicks out during an extended hatch. I had a lot of rolling eggs going on, and more pipped and hatched after, so I wouldn't worry unduly. I wasn't so terribly worried about opening the incubator since it is so hot and humid here right now, so I didn't think it would change the temp/humidity inside too much, since the conditions outside the incubator are similar to inside the incubator.
I'll wait until the other chick is completely dry and put them in the brooder.
How is your hatch going? Of 41 set 3 weeks ago yesterday I have 12 so far and another 4 pipping. I'll be downright pleased if I get 12 hens out of the deal, but will take whatever I get.
I have five out of 16 that have chicks in them. I started with 36 but only 16 were fertile the rest weren't. I have one that is a chatterbox and I know I'll be up all night since their in my bedroom. It's so exciting but also stressful.
I'll post pics tomorrow. Thanks for the help
Hope it went ok. I woke up with 3 more in the incubator. I now have 15 hatched out of 41. I didn't really know what I was looking at when I candled them, so I just left them all be. I don't expect to get too many more because it is 36 hours since my first one hatched, though I do have two more pipping, but I'm afraid their membranes might be drying out as they are not making much progress. They are still cheeping every now and then and I see the occassional movement. Its hard to decide when to turn off the brooder. I'll give them today at any rate.

Good luck with the rest of your hatch!
don't be too hasty to turn off the incubator, I had one that pipped, but it was 2 days before he came out safe and sound, I read somewhere here on the BYC the others bumping into the eggs sometimes stimulates the other eggs.
I have 10 out of 16. One has splayed legs
I need to see if there is anything I can do for this little one. The others are doing great and running around or trying too

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