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May 7, 2015
I am hoping to hatch duckings and am on day 26. I have 8 eggs in the incubator. One has just barely started to pip. I'm so looking for some support as the hatch progresses... I am assuming all eggs (that are going to) should hatch out by day 28? I candled them before lockdown and all 8 were still viable and one had internally pipped.... but now ofcourse I'm getting nervous!
How exciting!! My first batch of eggs for the year are due to hatch next week. :)

28 days is just a guideline, some take a little less to hatch, some a little more. So don't freak out if they aren't all out by Day 28, give them another day or two after that before becoming concerned.

Good luck and keep us updated on the hatch! ^-^
Thank you.... I have been staring at my eggs all morning... no changes... but watching them like a hawk! Could be a long few days :)
Yes, the last few days of incubation are always the longest! Ducks are pretty slow to hatch and like to take their time. They often take 24-hour rest periods between each step of hatching (after internally pipping, then after making their initial little external pip, and then before "unzipping" to hatch out all the way). Sometimes it does go faster though, just depends on the little ones and when they are fully ready to hatch. I think they enjoy making us hold our breath. ;)
No more action on the first egg... but now a second one has pipped. It seems to have pipped on the wrong end... going to try not to worry about it and just hope for the best.
as of last night 4 have pipped... the first one hasn't changed in over 24 hours.. I was worried but it wiggles when we talk to it!
Is the one that pipped the wrong end one of the ones that has hatched already? Sometimes they do hatch out ok, but sometimes they need help if they get stuck.

Can you see the membrane on that first guy under the shell? Has it become tan and dried out? Sometimes the membrane can dry onto the duckling's feathers and then they are unable to turn and hatch out on their own. Just a thought since it hasn't made it out yet. Has it made any progress at all?

Edit to add: Not saying you need to help that first one just yet, but it is concerning if it hasn't made any progress at all since that initial pip hole. If it HAS made some progress, I'd just give it more time and check that the membrane isn't stuck to the little guy. Can you post a pic of that one (without opening the incubator and letting humidity out)?

Here is a link with lots of information on when/if you need to help them hatch out (it is always a last resort, though, but doesn't hurt to be prepared just in case):
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none have hatched yet.... I can't see the membrane on the first one..because the shell is cracked but not enough to see below seems to have cracked more since yesterday morning. but not much.... a couple of the eggs are cracked but not so much that a hole is make (almost like the membrane below is still intact) Should I try to take a small piece of shell off with tweezers to see?
Oh, sorry! I read pipped and thought it said hatched for some reason. Wow, sorry!

I wouldn't bother them then, just give them more time. It's good that the first one has made a little bit of progress since yesterday and that is still moving and rocking. I'd leave them be for now if it were me. :)
happy to report two new babies... hatched and healthy! hoping for more...
happy weekend!!

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