First Hatch Status!

Ohhhh congrats! Finally, success at last for you
This is too fun. I feel like just leaving the bator on and trying to find my hens new nest lol. Good luck with the hatch, I'm just wrapping mine up. Waiting on the stragglers. Can't wait to see pics of yours.
Four in the brooder, four in the hatcher, quite a few pips working. One keet doesn't look like it's going to make it, but the rest are doing fine!

I'm having offers to buy them.....can't decide whether to sell some or keep them all!
I'd keep them, they are your first babies! (unless you are going to incubate more eggs?)

Where's the pics!?!
How long did it take for your keets to hatch after they pipped? I have one that pipped yesterday but doesn't seem to be doing much more. I checked and it is alive but I am worried. It's my first hatch as well.
Sometimes mine take 2 whole days from first pip to finally hatching.

Keep in mind that if the keet doesn't hatch on it's own... Mother Nature usually has a reason.

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