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    So a while back my silkie girl insisted she wanted to go broodie on me and I went ahead and gave her four eggs to sit and set her up in a crate with straw bed to keep her from taking new eggs every day that I had to take away. About a week ago we lost one egg/baby. I am not sure what broke the egg, but have a couple ideas. Poor baby had great development and was very sad. Ok moving on, I opened her door this morning to let her come out for a bit. She has been taking a short outing every day since I put her in there and she enjoys her time, but this morning, she would look longingly at the other birds enjoying their scratch and then back under wing. She would not leave the nest, so I was sure that she either had a baby or someone was hatching. I gave her a little while and then checked to see what she had.

    This is the first baby hatched for me. He or she will be with me for good. Backyard mutt that it is, it is the first...



    This is from a mixed bantam flock, so am not sure what it is.

    The other part of this post is a running thought/question. I also found that she had managed to get another egg on me. I have been watching the other girls and kept snagging the eggs if they layed it in her crate while she was out, but sometime in the last week she got one. i am thinking of ordering one of the little mini incubators to transfer it when she stops setting the eggs as I hate to think of the little thing starting to develop and then just tossing it. I am finishing a larger homemade incubator, but have other plans for it. It might be kind of nice to have a small incubator around for unusual circumstances. What are thoughts?
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    Mwaaahahaaahahahahahahha! And so it starts......

    I have EIGHT (8) incubators. Three hold 20-24 eggs, four hold 7 eggs, and one holds 3 eggs.

    Here's the 3 egg incubator, an R-Com Mini:

    It's a great little 'bator, has digital controls, automatic turning, and a water well for humidity with an indicator that tells when to add more water. Pretty much set and go. You can even set it for duck eggs, or quail, or pheasant, or turkey.

    Here's the link where I purchased mine:

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