First Keet Hatched tonight


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6 Years
Mar 12, 2013
Well, we received our 18 Guinea Fowl eggs about 22 days from Stromberg Chickens and loaded them into our incubator. Yesterday we locked them down and at 12 noon one of the pipped. Today at 12:01AM our first ever guinea fowl keet was hatched - yeah! 17 more to go - I hope the hatch rate is good!

(Boy they have HUGE feet - lol)


What a sweet baby - big feet and all! They're irresistible once they're all dry and fluffy.
Good luck hatching out the rest of them!
I had 28 out of 40 hatch about a month ago. Only lost one that was splay legged. At a month, already have to watch them trying to fly outta the brooder and the grower pen when you oen it, it was hilarious watching a 10 yr old and an 8 yr old spend 15 minutes trying to catch one guinea lol

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