First litter surprise.

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    Oct 28, 2013
    Our doe had her 1st litter.. sometime around the 10th of Dec.
    She was a fiesty one and a bit timid.. and now she's the total opposite. The complete attitude change should have been the first clue but we- my daughter & I- weren't planning on breeding them until spring. The poor girl delivered them in sub zero weather and was doing an amazing job until the recent freezing rain storm. Our guess is that the 3 kits wandered out (the poor tykes. They were really big too.) Second we saw them- we were on the phone with the breeder and racing to build an indoor pen for her. It seems quite a few around here lost litters in that storm.

    She's inside now. We only took a quick peek and saw she has at least 4 more. She wasn't concerned about us looking in on the kits. She is so incredibly affectionate right now. Put your hand in and she shoves her head up to it wanting to be pet. Then she flops on to her side to be pet some more. Her Mom was a little... tweaky.. but a devoted mom. Her Dad was this big old huge lovebug that was sooo mellow. (He passed this last fall.) She seems to be the best of both of them.

    The NZ buck is a broken. He's a goofball. Tries to steal the dog's tennis ball and the dog has absolutely no idea what to make of it. He's another snuggle bunny. Seems he's also a quickdraw with good aim.

    The breeders are pets.. the bunnies are meat rabbits (coughmorepetscough). So far we know there is 1 white, 1 black, 1 agouti, 1 broken. She's really settled in now- so I'm hoping to check out the kits better in just a few. The white one and the broken one wandered out for a few this morning. She's built the box up with so much hay it's like Fort Knox.

    The breeder has his choice of doe from this litter or her next. We've got another buck (black NZ), will be getting another doe.. none are related.
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    Glad you noticed before it was too late for the others. Looking forward to seeing some pictures of them.

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