First overnight in the coop: a fail


Apr 10, 2018
New York State
Our chicks are shy of 7 weeks by now, and the weather was warm today, so we decided to keep them overnight.
We were prepared... or so we thought.
We had prepared everything inside: bedding, water, a dim heat lamp for just in case, roosts, and ventilation. We also made sure to secure the hardware wire and latches. By 8:00 pm, we slowly herded them inside(it took some time). When the pullets all went inside, they started screeching. And I mean, really screeching. It was loud enough to lure out a few neighbors from their houses, actually. We decided to wait for half an hour and came back to see them still screeching as loud as ever. This can't go on the whole night, but it was really loud. :barnie They seemed really scared! We brought them back inside and placed them in their old brooder(which they are outgrowing) and they immediately became quiet and calm.

Hmm... maybe tomorrow 😅

P.S, if anyone has any tips dealing with spoiled pullets... I'll gladly take some advice!

(Also, they love their coop in the daytime! They'd go inside it to hide from the sun, etc. It's just they start freaking out at night...)


May 28, 2020
LOL! I am sorry. I just got this image in my head of chickens screaming at the top of their lungs like spoiled toddlers. :lol:
I gradually worked my chicks into the coop by first putting them into a chicken tractor with a dog kennel in it. They went into the dog kennel at night. During the day, they ran around the chicken tractor. I did this for about ten days.
I moved them into the chicken yard after that. I let them run around for the day, investigate the coop, and then I moved them back into the tractor for two nights.
The slow introduction worked for the first batch. I have a second batch of chicks coming up; I'll let you know how that goes since I'll be introducing older birds to the new ones.


Feb 12, 2020
Pueblo, CO
If their brooder fits inside the coop try that as a step. If not, put a "huddle box" in the coop for them, if they start using it during the day they may realize it's a safe place at night. If there's a good place for it, try putting one of those stick-on lights in the coop, low wattage, for a few nights. Make sure you are turning off their light inside the house at night so they are used to the dark. They will get through this.

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