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    Apr 9, 2013
    I have a little americauna girl, about 4 yrs (?) She was real listless the other day & wouldn't venture out of the coop, so I brought her inside & looked her over. Her vent looked nasty & there was a fly, apparently trying to lay eggs, so I sprayed her with some Catron IV, let it work for awhile, then cleaned her up. The next day, I put some apple cider vinegar in her water & she drank quite a bit. I fed her a scrambled egg. She ate a little of it, but then later, gulfed one down in no time! Went to the grocery store & bought some unflavored Pedialyte, gave her some in a bowl & she drank quite a bit! I had also given her a baby asprin, earlier. She's been in the house for two & a half days now, hasn't laid an egg & will barely eat or drink. Could there be an infection from the fly & if so, what can I use to treat her. Her vent looks fine, but could she be egg bound? Not sure how to check for that. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!! :fl
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    You can check for egg binding with a rubber glove, by inserting a finger 1-2 inches. That would probably be a good idea anyway just to check inside the vent for more fly larvae. I would also bathe her vent area. Worms can cause weakness and a messy vent. Check her skin for an mites or lice. Also egg yolk peritonitis or internal laying can be common in chickens her age. If you worm her use Valbazen or SafeGauard Goat Wormer 1/2 ml given orally, and repeat in 10 days. Toss eggs for 24 days total.
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    So I'm very new at Chickens. I lost one of my hens yesterday and have no idea why she died. I really want to make sure the others are ok but I'm not sure what to look for. They are not eating much and have diarrhea and are spitting up gel looking stuff (clear). I have fed them the age appropriate feed from TSC and added a treat from there months ago. The have quit laying eggs too. Any suggestions?
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    You would have much better luck if you started your own post under Emergencies and Diseases. It's hard to say why she died, did she look sick or strange the day before? Some chickens have loose stool in the summer from drinking so much water. Sometimes my chickens do look like they spit up some clear stuff and then eat it back again (yuck).

    I think you should give more information like how old , how many, how they live, how long have you had them, etc.

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