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    Our chickens are 15 weeks old now and have been free ranging in the yard for at least half that time. Eight of the 10 roos will be butchered today.

    How long should we hold them in the fridge before cooking? Should they be frozen first?
    What is the best way to cook them? Crock-pot, roasting pan, fryer?

    I'm expecting my daughters to refuse to eat them, like they did with our first eggs. LOL, but I'm ready for a good chicken dinner! I'm hoping FRIED!
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    Feb 20, 2009
    I processed some buff orpington and Rhode Island Red roosters last Saturday. I held them in an icy brine til Wednesday morning. I baked one for dinner that night, at 350 till it was done (according to a meat thermometer) and it was fantastic! I'm making stock out of the leftovers right now!

    Good luck and enjoy!!
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    I have read that you should wait at least 24 hours, before cooking. Basically you are waiting for rigor to pass, before cooking. Store everything in the refrigerator overnight, just to maintain basic food safety rules with temperature. if you want to brine it is not a bad way of adding to the meat. I have also read about using buttermilk, and salt brine. Marinade for 24 hours, and cook. I read that it created the most moist tender chicken. I would have to look for the link. It was on BYC in the cooking thread under frying chicken.
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