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    Feb 5, 2014
    Has anyone ever hatched in the automatic egg turner, while off of course? I am concerned about the temp difference taking the eg turner out.... Any advice??

    Also I read somewhere along the way, that some ppl hatch the eggs in the bottom part of an egg carton... if so how do you lay them on it? Up and down or sideways....

    Thanks in advance........
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    The difference in temperature is only important in a still air incubator, sometimes called a thermal air. That’s because hot air rises. There can be a real difference in the temperature up in the turner and down at the bottom. In a forced air, it’s not an issue. To be honest, many people ignore that difference anyway. The band where you can be successful during lockdown is fairly wide, so it depends some on where you were to start with on temperatures. If you were a tad cool to start with, it’s not a big deal. Still adjusting it properly is a good thing to do. It takes away uncertainty.

    I have a forced air so the potential temperature difference is not an issue. The temperature is the same everywhere inside a forced air incubator. I take my turner out for two reasons. Even turned off, there are sharp corners where a newly hatched chick could snag a leg, wing, or neck. That would not be good. Also hatching is a messy business. Clean-up is easier if you take the turner out first.

    Some people use an egg carton for hatching. You cut the top off, then trim each support area to give good air flow around the porous egg. The chick needs to breath during the hatching process. The easiest way to position the eggs is pointy side down. It will stay there and the air cell will be where it needs to be.

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