First time incubating serama eggs


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Sep 8, 2019
Hello I have a question I'm on day 21 I believe because I didn't put my eggs in incubator till late afternoon, but my incubator says day 22 . But have no piping yet. My incubator says 36.5 and 65 percent humidity forced air incubator. Should I start to worry? First time with Serama eggs. Thank you
Day 21 is always the same day of the week as the day you set the eggs. So if you put them in the incubator on a Monday, day 21 will be a Monday three weeks later. Have you candled the eggs? 36.5 is a little low temperature wise. Has it been this low throughout incubation?
If you are on day 23 at this point it sounds like they aren't going to hatch. What do they look like when you candle them? I am trying to incubate some Serama eggs too and the eggs are so tiny.

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