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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by mahan4428, Nov 22, 2019.

  1. mahan4428

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    May 24, 2016
    North Texas
    Hello all you chicken lovers! Just wanted to take a minute to introduce myself. My name is Amber. I'm a stay at home wife and mother of 3. We started raising chickens in the spring of 2013 I believe. We now have 1 Blue Wheaten Ameraucana, 2 Wheaten Ameraucanas, 4 Black Birchen Marans, 2 Black Splash Marans, 1 Black Copper Maran, 1 Black Ameraucana, 1 Black Splash Ameraucana, 3 Olive Eggers, 13 Easter Eggers, 17 Silkies, 35 Broilers, 1 Khaki Campbell Duck, 1 Crested Rouen Duck, 1 Blue Swedish Duck, and 1 Black Swedish Duck. (84 birds total atm) We're new to broilers. My husband showed them in high school and now our oldest daughter will be showing them for the first time come January. My favorite thing about raising chickens would have to be that chickens just seem so therapeutic. I could sit and watch them all day. Since we're so new to broilers, any tips and tricks would be greatly appreciated. Best feed? Best source of heat in the cold winter months? They're currently kept in the shed (draft free) under a heat lamp. It's done fine so far. It'll be put to the test tonight though when it reaches freezing temps. All recommendations are appreciated. :)
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  2. sourland

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    Hi, Amber, and welcome to BYc.
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  3. ChickNanny13

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    :welcome Glad you joined us & shared your chickens. Not sure about broilers but I put mine on Flock Raiser one feed for all saves space plus I like the higher protein (20%). I have separated dishes of grit and Oyster Shells, the pullets/hens eat as they need. Having read Layer's calcium level is "too high" for chicks, cockerels & Roos ...
    Although I just have pullets/hens, the extra protein I feel helps keep them with all the energy it takes for them to produce an egg. Have never had any issues with egg laying nor the shells.
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  4. aart

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    Best to start a s new thread in the meat birds section.

    Welcome to BYC!
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  5. TwoCrows

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    Hello there and welcome to BYC! :frow

    Aww....cute photo! :love

    So glad you decided to join us! :)
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  6. DiYMama540

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    Welcome to BYC! What a beautiful pair of birds! Thanks for sharing!! Happy to have you join our flock!

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  7. BullChick

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    Apr 17, 2012
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    The birds are fine without added heat.
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  8. DobieLover

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    Hello, Amber, and welcome to BYC! :frow Glad you joined.
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  9. trumpeting_angel

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    Feb 6, 2019
    Welcome to the flock, we are a friendly bunch of birds; happy to have you here!

    Yes, unless your broilers are still young chicks, they don’t need heat. I live in Vermont, and mine will be outside all winter. Well-ventilated but not drafty! Their down coats keep them very warm. Mine were outside all day in windy rain and sleet, silly girls!
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  10. casportpony

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    Jun 24, 2012
    Welcome to BYC! That's a great looking pair of chickens. I look forward to seeing more pictures of your critters.

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