First Time Setter! :) (9-26-09)


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Jul 29, 2009
I guess I'll start by explaining how this happened. We have had our chickens for about 4 months and trying to learn as we go. This site has been a great help along the journey. We have (4) 2yr old hens (2 Dominique, 1 Austrolorpe and 1 Something) and (7) 5mo old Golden Comets. One of the 2yr old hens, the Australorp, decided to go broody about a week ago. So, thinking that she was sitting on infertile eggs we ordered some. After ordering them we discovered by looking at some of the other eggs that she may actually be sitting on fertile eggs. I have candled the two eggs that our hen is sitting on and they look as though they are developing, although I am not sure I really know what I am looking at. When they are candled there is a darker area in the egg that I do not see when candling an egg that has just been laid.

So, what to do with the eggs we ordered? I can't put them under the hen or she will leave them when the other two hatch. Can't just throw them out, I paid money for them. My wife wouldn't let me throw out the two the hen is on and start over with the new eggs. My only option was to get/build and incubator. So that is what I did. I found the plans for a homemade one and built it. Got it all setup and let it run for a few days to make sure everything was working.

Tonight, at 10:50pm Eastern, we set our first ever set of eggs in the incubator. We have 16 eggs in there - 12 were ordered and the other 4 were from our flock. We have some Mottled Houdan, White Crested Blue Polish and a few mutts. We are crossing our fingers that we don't totally mess this up. I think we are pretty well informed as to how this is supposed to work but will see if we can pull it off.

We will keep everyone updated as things progress. Thanks for all the help in getting us this far.
Looks like everything went well the first night.... no failure from the incubator. Temp is holding well. Opened up this morning and turned the eggs. Can't wait for hatching day!
Sorry I didn't see your post sooner! I'll just cheer with you okay?
Yeah eggs, yeah eggs! You can do it, you can do it!
Thanks, we are pretty excited! 3 weeks is going to seem like 4 ever!
We do have a rooster. Wasn't sure if it was old enough yet and found out today he may not be. This evening I went down to the coop and candled the two eggs the hen was sitting on and there is no veining or movement. Cracked one of the eggs open and nothing - looked like any other egg. So we ended up putting a couple of the eggs we ordered under her.

Hopefully this will all turn out. Even if it doesn't it will be a great learning experience.

Will continue to keep everyone updated.
How old is your roo. I just set eggs from my 14 week old today. He has been doing his job for a few weeks now. The ones I have cracked looked fertile??? That roo went to live on another farm today so this is my only chance for home grown EE babies.

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