First Time Turkey Raiser with Questions

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by chicksgalore, Apr 13, 2012.

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    Jul 19, 2008
    We're planning on getting 2 turkey poults to raise soon; these will be our first ever turkeys. I have a laying flock now but we're planning on putting the turkeys in a moveable fence that we can move around to allow them to free-range. In about a month, we have about 20 meat chickens coming and I was hoping to raise them right along with the turkeys in this fence. I'm seeing something about blackhead a lot but can't see what it really is and if it's a major threat?
    The meat chickens will only be in there for 8-10 weeks and then the turkeys will have it to themselves again. So, now on to feed...Will it be okay for the turkeys to eat what the chickens are eating for those 2 months? I'm really not sure what to feed them all yet. I'd rather do a homemade mix of I don't know what rather than the commercially processed feeds. Something I need to research yet as well. If anyone has any input in any of this, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!
    Oh and one more thing, do you all worm your turkeys/meat birds? If so, do you use a natural wormer, like DE or even garlic/rosemary--is this sufficient? Any other ideas?

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