First time with quail


Mar 27, 2016
St. Jacques, New Brunswick
First time with quail. I have 6 hens about 8 weeks old. I've kept them together since I got them from the Co op. They are kept in an enclosed cage outside. Today I checked on them to find what looks like an injury under her eye. I cleaned her up with a cotton ball and warm water but eye looks swollen shut. I have seperate her from the others. My question is will they fight with each other? There was plenty of food and water and they have not seemed aggressive at any other time. So I'm not sure if they were picking on each other or if I have to look for something outside the pen. I'm worried about putting her back with the others.
I'd keep her right next to the others - preferably separated by a single layer of wire so they can see, hear and touch each other - until she looks normal again. Quail can't leave blood alone so if there is visible blood, they'll peck at it and make it worse, but if you separate them completely (so they can't see each other) for too long, you are likely to have problems when reintroducing her.
I'd also check the cage for any sharp edges she could have got hurt on and evaluate whether they need a bigger cage, more hiding places or similar.
Are you sure they are all hens?
Could be aggression, could also just have been an innocent eye poke :p

Good idea about the see thorough reintroduction - you should be able to see if the quail is after her, but in my small experience they seem to go after the side feathers first while chasing?
Well we had 3 more injured birds before we figured out the instigator. She is now quarantined and all injured birds are healing. No one lost eyes. Not sure why she did it but I don't trust her with the others.
Oh good! :O hmm what are you going to do with her?

I seen a new chick going at eyes but what it really wanted was water, it stopped after discovering it, not sure if that's why your bird was going at eyes, just a thought, or maybe she's just a crazy witch xD
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