First time with shipped eggs question

Creed Bennett

8 Years
Aug 25, 2011
Western Kentucky
So this is the first time I have ever gotten eggs shipped to me. I did a little reading on the subject last night and someone suggested letting the eggs sit pointed side down for 24 hours to let the air pocket get back into position before putting them in the incubator. What do you all think of that? Is this standard procedure? I hatched my first batch of eggs last month with good success but I am still sorta new to this.
This was recommended to me by each of the breeders I got shipped eggs from. Not due to hatch until 1/21, so we'll see
If the air cells aren't damaged then they don't need to sit for that long before putting them in the incubator. But you do want them to sit until they get up to room temperature at the very least. A lot of people don't let their shipped eggs rest hardly at all and still have success hatching them. You could do an experiment and let half rest for 24 hours before putting them under a broody or in an incubator and the remaining just until they reach room temperature and see if there's much of a difference between the two.
I let mine set for 2 hours then put them in
The incubator. They started to sweat so I took them out
Wiped them off let them set for another hour then
Put them Back no sweating.
Do u guys think they are going to be ok?
Thanks for all the replies. I got the eggs home this morning around 11. I put them in the room that the incubator is in to warm up then went to help my dad do some things. I came home around 4pm and my power was out. 3 hours later my power came back on. I had some power outages earlier this week and it came on and off several times before it stayed on. I'm going to wait till in the morning to put them in then hook my computer ups to the incubator just in case the power goes out again.

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