First Welsummer Egg!!


9 Years
Jul 10, 2010
I got my first welsummer egg the other day and the second today!!! Such tiny little cute eggs. Great brown color. SO exciting!!
I'm really excited for you!!! This year we got four EEs and three Welsummers to add to our flock. The EEs have started laying but we are still waiting on our Wellies. How old are yours?
Welsy was born on march 24th so she is 23 weeks old. My Partridge Rock is the same age but without the inique dark color, I cannot tell if she has laid of if the other chickens are laying.

I have 3 Welsummers, all 23 weeks with big red combs and wattles and NOT ONE EGG YET! They have to be close, right?
Nice looking eggs! I have three Welsummers in my flock sounds like they might be the last to start laying but that is OK. A lot of my visitors vote the Welsummers my prettiest pullets.

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