first winter


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Oct 3, 2010
hello all this is my first winter with my little ladies 4 ri reds 2buff orps im in albuquerque nm. the weather here is pretty mild 32 at its worst and not a whole lot of snow. the ri reds 2,16 weeks 2,13 weeks, the orps are 5 weeks and are separated for now. the ri reds have a large run and gym but cant free range because they dont like the dogs and the dogs dont like them. the orps for whatever reason love the dogs and the dogs love them they get to free range a few hours a day. none of them seem to mind the heat but i dont know if i should get some kind of heater for them.
I would not get heat for them at 32 degrees. The 5 week olds would be my only worry. Do they have a secure closed in coop that they can get out of the drafts? After 8 weeks I would not worry then. I have a whole bunch of hens of all ages and at 6 weeks they pretty much can snuggle and stay warm at that temp. I have not closed the upper 2 or 3 feet of my coop yet and we have had frost twice. I am in the mtns of nc. Its the wind and drafts that can get to them. Good luck Gloria Jean
Iam in shock.I can't beleive u've already had frost in NC. Looks like we're in for another long winter.

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