fisrt timer going to buy an incubator


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Apr 30, 2011
I am getting ready to jump in and buy an incubator. I am planning on ordering a 1502 sportsman as my first. I was just wondering if this is a good starting point for me, chickens are a new found hobby and I have several now, i also have guineas. This thing will hatch more eggs then I have to hatch at this point but will give me room to grow. anyone with any thoughts? thanks by the way all thoughts are welcome positive and negative.
WOW!! You are coming out with the Big Guns Smoking I see...I want one of those so bad, but I know I would go crazy with of now I have the foam Genesis incubator with fan and I did about 5 hatches last year and so far 1 this year...A friend of mine has one and LOVES LOVES LOVES it..and is trying to convince me to get one.. so maybe next year... Good Luck and Happy Hatching.
D, thanks for the post. I guess by your reply its a good idea. I just hate to buy one and turn around and have to buy another. I just think if I do it now I will be set for a while. I hate to wate money. Lol
That way you can see if hatching is what you really want to do.

OMG, of course it's what he wants to do.....It is one of the coolest things out there. You know the adreneline rush when you start setting those eggs and watching them hatch...ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....It is so amazing that something so cute could come out of those eggs.
I love hatching to but that chicken math sure can get you
and with a sportsman boy does the math get large quick
well the way i see it i cant hatch more then what i put in the bator. and right now my ladies are not putting out an extreme number of eggs. I could always share!!! lol
I use 3 Sportsman 1202's and a 1250 hatcher. Incubating eggs is a serious addiction that can rapidly get out of hand. lol
I would say get a Sportsman if you are serious, but I might suggest trying to find a used one locally on craigslist or other classified ads and save some money up front
Thanks for the remarks. I have been looking for moths and I am always. A day late or get the just sold. I'm tired of waiting lol
Go for it I say, the sportman is one of the best bators out there and buying the best to start insures you won't be posting OMG my incubator is killing my egg's LOL. I think your direction and approach is a great idea, DO IT !!!

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