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    Mar 13, 2013
    I have 2 Wellsummers and 3 Golden Star. The wellies have begun to lay eggs that look like they were painted in "flat paint" No gloss coat. They are a lot paler tan (used to be a nice chocolate brown). They still taste fine but I am wondering if they are missing something. I just went to a winter crumble which is a bit higher in protein. In addition they gets seeds and occasional kitchen scraps. Any thoughts?
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    My hens' eggs all tend to vary from each other from time to time. Some darker, some with speckles, some with wiggles in the shell, oddball shapes, varying in shade from one end to the other. Nothing wrong, just the variations that natural products possess. Most of these will come off with scrubbing, if you are so inclined. The eggs all taste fine.

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    Great pictorial ....but...the numbers on the yolks pics need to be fixed in that linked article.

    Dark egg layers eggs normally start out very dark then lighten up naturally as the egg cycle progresses, that might be the issue with the willies.
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    I read over the article and none are really the issue. These Wellies are about 7 months old. They had been laying pretty dark brown glossy eggs. The Golden stars are still laying brown glossy eggs. But the Wellies eggs are no longer glossy and are paler than they used to be. Really nothing much has changed except for the naturally occurring shortening of days. I plan to add supplemental lighting but have not done it yet. The eggs are fine to eat, taste great etc, I just wondered what would cause a change like that. Thanks for your wonderful informative site!

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