Flies, flies, and more flies...?


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OK, I have the bottle thingie to catch flies. I cleaned out the coop and laid nice and deep dried cobb. I am *still* drowning in flies and I cannot find DE anywhere around here.
Sooooo....should I adopt a duck? LOL I hear they are GREAT fly catchers!
Look for StallDri or Sweet PDZ to help with flies/odor/moisture. It comes in 40 lbs bags and runs anywhere from 10 - 14$ around here. I can get it at the famers co-op, feed stores and the petfood warehouse that sells horse/goat/chickenfeed as well as small animal, dog and cat food and supplies. It is made from DE and clay. I sprinkle it on the coop and run floor, also use it on the poopboard/pooptray (I use it without shavings on the poopboard, just like cat litter and scoop it once a day, just like a litterbox). No smell, no flies, I love it....I guess DE is not always easy to find
I think if I would have to sprinkle it on the birds I would use foodgrade DE though....
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you can also set up a bait station using Golden Malrin, it works well for flies.
Sweet! Off to buy dry stall tomorrow....

Boyd, will golden malrin hurt the chickens? The website talks about sprinkling it on the ground....but you said i can do a bait station? Not to sound like the newbie I am but can you describe the bait station? Thx!
I love Golden Malrin.

Take a gallon plastic milk container. Save the cap.
Cut 1 inch holes around the middle. 4 or 5 should do. I try to cut the holes on three sides and not the top so the top flap acts like a rain reflector.
Find the stinkiest chicken poo you can. 2 are even better. Scoop it up and scrape it into the gallon container through the top.
Sprinkle 1 tablespoon Golden Malrin inside the jug. Hang by the handle near the coop and run. NOT INSIDE.
Before you know it you will have over an inch of dead flies. When that happens add more poop and another tablespoon of Golden Malrin. For bait on the second level you can also use a tablespoon of uncooked ground meat.
I am thinking that it appears that the milk jug idea is the way to go as it would contain the flies. The bait station appears to simply offer it and the flies can drop to the ground for later consumption by the chickens (who quickly learn where a good treat can be found). I suspect that the flies would be somewhat toxic after ingestion so going for the containment plan. But I sure appreciate the info. My coop and run are virtually free of flies but the roaming areas that the girls prefer sure do have them. I need to address that aspect.

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