Flies in the run

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    Jun 21, 2018
    Southwest Missouri
    Fly tape strips work well. We clean our coop completely every 2-4 days but the flies love the chicken feed. I placed two fly tapes in coop and they were loaded with flies in two days. I also put some diatnacious earth on floor. I was told later to not use it but it worked well and flies were gone in a day or two. Now no more fly issues just frozen water issues, winter is here.
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    I hate to admit this, but I will for science. I put a drop straight on a green blowie undilluted and it took nearly two hours for that fly to even start to look effected and another three to pass. I was curious after a mite spraydown why I had tumbleweeds and blowies, they were the sole survivers so I caught one and tested. I thought my mix might have been old or weak but that wasn't the case, the flies are just really tough.:caf
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    Jun 23, 2013
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    Could we get a picture of your set up?
    It worked for my MIL in AZ, she grew spearmint around her house & I never saw any flies by the house. I just love the smell ;) Don't like fly traps (tried it once) it sure smells ... fly tape is great IF location is right ...

    Have you read about DLM (deep litter method)?
    Have you considered fermenting the feed?
    Poop board under the night roost?

    I have about a 4" layer of Rose Bud shavings on the dirt floor ofthe Chicken House (8x12x7) which is "open air" & (no predators to worry about) wrapped in chicken wire. Pick up clumps of poop in the shaving daily, poop board under their night roost & ferment their feed. Our weather is wet, humid & warm but :fl haven't had any issues with flies. DSC04442.JPG
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    You're in Hawaii and have chickens in a coop? Do you ever have any issues with the wild chickens? Off topic for sure but i'm just curious. :)
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    I’m sorry it’s so sunny and warm there it got to 33 degrees here today, no flies.
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    Jan 14, 2018
    Killing just the adult flies won’t truly help your problems. The larvae will just keep bringing the numbers back up. I use Fly Predators, which is a type of tiny wasp that you can order offline (comes once a month, in a bag with thousands of little wasps) but they are incapable of stinging/biting, and eat fly larvae. As soon as the larvae are gone, and they no longer have a good source, they disappear. I use them in my horse barn, and in the coop, and they have been very helpful, and have made a LARGE impact in the amount of flies around my home.

    As I said, they are very tiny, about the size of a gnat, but don’t bother other animals in ways gnats or flies do. They only want the flie larvae. I included a picture of what they ship in, and all you have to do is sprinkle them around manure/droppings where the flies are most heavy, and they’ll do their job. Hopefully you can solve your flie problems one way or another!!

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    I've also had good luck with the fly predators from Spalding. They only get flies, not other insects, and do help.
    You all could move North, where the flies are long gone at this time of year! It was 18F this morning, and no flies!!!
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    Jun 23, 2013
    The Big Island/Hawaii
    Off topic for sure :gig There are "feral" chickens running around, the island of Kauai is over run. I'm sure they escape & alot are dumped in when people tire of them. My Mom's neighborhood has a few domesticated breeds running around but it's mostly the Game (fighting) Chickens. It's illegal but we do have Cock Fighting here, cultural thing with some that have moved over :rolleyes:

    Yes I keep mine in their Chicken House, my yard is fenced but my neighbor has several dogs (down to 3 had 8 & hear puppies) that sit at the fence looking too interested. I've had hawks swoop through the yard & rather be safe than sorry.
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    Jan 26, 2018
    San Jose, California
    I use a battery-powered insect zapper. It works well and the chickens eat the dead flies.
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