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Aug 6, 2010
Ludowici, GA.
Just wondering what is the best way to control flies inside chicken pen? I currently have two fly traps that are working very well, but there are still a lot of flies. My pen is only about 100 feet from the house and the wife is upset about the number of flies around the house.
I am interested in your request as well. For right now, we are just using the fly tape in the coop and have not placed any closer to the house. They are just not that attractive to decorate your porch with.
I sprinkled Sevin dust and some pelletized lime around the shavings, and they pretty well disappeared.

My chickens eat any bug that passes close by.
Flies are non-existent in the coop.
When mosquitoes are bad in the evening, the coop has almost none.

Sevin may be almost safe for most application even close to food but I have to ask why are your chickens not doing their job and eating all the local insects?
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My chickens don't seem to know that is their job either

I can not hang fly tape in my grow out pens, the little chicks will get into it. . . .
I am trying the fly traps sold by TSC, but can not recommend those yet. ...

I have one working and one is not. I moved the not working one more into the sun to get the STINKING BAIT to STINK even more
Flies are attracted to the manure, so you might need to alter the way you manage it.

I use boot trays to collect droppings at night and empty these out into our composter every morning. Flies were hanging around the composter until I read you should fork over the compost every day after you add fresh material, and once I started doing this, the fly problem went away.

If you start a biopod with black soldier flies, they keep house flies and horseflies away, but then you do have the soldier flies buzzing around. They don't eat as adults, though, so they're not nasty like the other kinds of flies.
Once a week I rake the shavings just to stir them and then sprinkle with DE. I haven't had a problem with flies.
Hi there....well type vanilla tree air freshner in the search box here...I have never tried them, but BYCers' have...and claim they work!!! I am gonna get me some and try them....Good Luck!!! There are quite a few discussions on the subject here!!! Have a great day!!!

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